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Netizens Are Praising SEVENTEEN’s Jun For His Incredible Body Proportions


SEVENTEEN‘s Jun just released his fourth solo single, “Limbo”, after teasing fans with the new song for the last couple of days.

At the time of this article being written, the music video for the Korean version of “Limbo” is currently at #12 on trending on YouTube, which is impressive for any solo K-Pop release!

While the song itself is receiving plenty of praise for its sound, music video, and styling…

Something else about the solo comeback has fans of Jun and SEVENTEEN going wild on social media: His incredible body proportions and ripped physique!

On an online forum post titled “Wow his body and proportions are freaking sick”, the original author praises Jun’s comeback and visuals. The post includes some photos and gifs from the music video along with the caption, “Please give Seventeen Jun’s LIMBO a lot of interest… But his body and proportions are seriously freaking good. His face is also freaking awesome.”

And there are plenty of comments that agree with the original poster, which shouldn’t come at all as a surprise!

  • “He looked like a prince”
  • “Junie is pretty”
  • “Damn look at them abs ._.”
  • “He’s so good looking 🥵”
  • “I noticed him on game caterers and since then I’ve been into him. The song is also nice”


If you haven’t checked out “Limbo” yet, you definitely should for Jun’s vocals, performance abilities, and handsome visuals!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa




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