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Netizens Giggling Over NCT Jaemin’s Goofy Blunder In Challenge Video With aespa

“He was humping so excitedly that he fell.”

Fans of both NCT DREAM and aespa recently got treated to multiple TikToks featuring members of both groups together. They were particularly happy to see Jaemin and Giselle in the same frame, and their visual combo is incredible!


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♬ Grillz – Nelly

The duo seem particularly friendly and comfortable with each other, and we love to see that kind of comradery between male and female K-Pop idols.


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Another TikTok featured Giselle and Jaemin as well as Karina and Jeno, in which the four idols danced cutely together to a Thai song. About halfway through the clip, though, the energy gets far more chaotic.



♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – พล เชษ – พลเช้ดที่ไม่ค่อยปล่อยเพลง 💐

During the chaos, Giselle ends up catching her leg against Jaemin’s while he’s doing some enthusiastic hip thrusts, and it results in him flailing and ending up on his rear!

The comments on the TikTok are overwhelmingly positive and amused at the situation, with fans showing how much they’re enjoying the interaction between NCT’s and aespa’s members.

On a Korean forum post about the clip, however, some Korean netizens were harsh towards Jaemin, thinking that he went too far and was too vulgar with his dance moves in the presence of a female idol. One person commented, “He was humping so excitedly that he fell”, even though it appears to be Giselle colliding with Jaemin that made him tumble.

Jaemin (NCT) | SBS

Thankfully, international fans were quick to come to Jaemin’s defense, saying that he’s allowed to be silly and have fun. The clip was harmless and entertaining!

Hopefully someday K-Pop idols will be able to mess around and have fun with the opposite sex without needing to worry about this kind of “controversy”!



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