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Netizens Shocked At The Weak Power Of Red Velvet’s Lightsticks

“That’s a bit too much energy saving.”

One of the most visually pleasing parts of K-Pop concerts is seeing the sea of colored lightsticks that so often fill up the arena where the concert is being held. Seeing an entire stadium filled with pink, blue, green, or some other color that represents the artist performing is just a stunning sight to experience!

For a K-Pop group as legendary and long-lasting as Red Velvet, you would expect that the audience for any concert that they hold would be filled with reddish-pink coral color that represents them thanks to their cute lightsticks.


However, a photo was recently shared online that has been capturing netizens’ attention due to the unexpectedly weak light that the Red Velvet lightstick seems to have.

The photo shows all five of the group’s members posed on stage, each holding one of their lighsticks. The audience for the concert can be seen in the background, but rather than be filled with light as one would expect, the only lights that can really be seen are from electronic fansigns. And yes, the crowd is filled with lightsticks, and the ones that the members are holding are turned on!


It seems that the light being too weak to be seen very well is a problem that is well-known among Red Velvet fans and even their members, and some have been asking for SM Entertainment to fix the problem for a while. When compared to the lightsticks for other groups from the label such as NCT or EXO, the difference is evident.

Lightsticks at an NCT concert | Kacie Yamamoto/Daily Trojan

Here’s how netizens are reacting to the image.







Hopefully this is an issue that gets resolved soon so Red Velvet and their fans can enjoy a gorgeous coral-colored view at upcoming concerts!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa

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