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Netizens Shocked By NCT WISH Sion’s Loss Of Muscle From Pre-Debut To Now

“He has become very thin, but I suppose it’s all to fit their cute concept.”

Though the ages of NCT WISH‘s members range from 16 to 21, the concept that they seem to be going for, at least for now, appears to be youthful and boyish. It gives the vibes of appealing to a younger audience, and some of the members arguably look younger than they actually are with the type of styling that they’ve been given for their debut.

NCT WISH | @nctwishofficial/Twitter

However, some netizens think that the “boyification” of the members might go even further than just how they’re being styled. Recently, a photo of oldest member and leader Sion during his pre-debut years is being compared to how he looks now, and people are stunned by how much thinner he appears now from then.

Sion (NCT WISH) | SM Entertainment

In the pre-debut picture, Sion can be seen wearing a tank top that clearly shows off his well-defined arm muscles at the time. He also has very visible veins as well, a common sign of someone that works out a lot!

| Instiz

The second photo that the first is being compared to is a more recent picture after NCT WISH debuted, and also shows Sion in a sleeveless shirt. However, his arms appear visibly thinner and less muscular.

image (1)
| Instiz

While there are various reasons why Sion could have lost his muscle tone — maybe he just doesn’t have time to work out as much anymore, for example — some people are convinced that SM Entertainment forced him to lose muscle tone in order to better fit the youthful/boyish concept that NCT WISH has. It’s not the first time that the label has been rumored (or even confirmed) to tell their artists to lose muscle mass in order to keep to a certain image, which is sad given all of the work and effort these idols likely put into building up their strength.

| SM Entertainment

Here’s how netizens are commenting on the topic, which was recently shared on an online forum post.








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Source: Instiz and Pann Choa




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