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No Amount Of Money Could Get EXO’s D.O. To Wear This Iconic Fan Edited Outfit

His determination didn’t waver for a second.

EXO‘s D.O. was Zico‘s latest guest on his YouTube series Give Me A Minute. In the short but entertaining episode, Zico revealed that he and D.O. are actually close friends despite their different personalities.

D.O.: People get really surprised when I tell them we’re close. Because we’re so different.

Zico: Like a gentleman and a troublemaker?

Zico | ZICO/YouTube 

The two are such close friends that Zico even asked D.O. before the shoot if he could show an iconic picture of him from one of EXO’s “Wolf and the Beauty” stage.

Zico: I got permission for this. When I was casting Kyungsoo I asked if I could use this, everyone.

D.O. in his iconic outfit

Since D.O. had agreed in advance, Zico was happy to show off D.O.’s “princess” look.

Zico: You’re the prettiest princess I’ve ever seen. The princess is here.

D.O. quickly explained that he’d agreed to the unusual outfit “when [he] was really good-natured.”

Zico: Can you take this opportunity to tell us how you felt back then?

D.O.: This was from not long after I had debuted.

Zico: Right, right.

D.O.: It was when I was really good-natured.

Zico: I agree, this is really being good-natured.

| ZICO/YouTube 

Although the idol did ask for an alteration that the staff made to the unique sleeves.

D.O.: You see these weird things?

Zico: The pads.

D.O.: This was…

Zico: Power shoulders.

D.O.: When I lifted my arms up, my armpits were totally exposed. So I asked if they could just sew that part up. It was actually supposed to be separated.

| ZICO/YouTube 

Knowing how well-loved this look is among fans, for whom it has become perhaps one of D.O.’s most iconic looks, Zico had to ask if D.O. would ever be willing to wear it again.

Zico: Your fans…

D.O.: Yes.

Zico: For example, for EXO’s 20th anniversary, you could have a concert or something. If they asked you to revive this moment, would you?

D.O.: I could wear it again.

| ZICO/YouTube 

In fact, the look is so iconic that Zico was familiar with one of the edits fans have made of D.O.’s outfit.

Zico: Someone really creative made a skirt for you too.

Fan edit

Which D.O. could not hide his dislike for.

D.O.: It’s the absolute worst.

| ZICO/YouTube 

Still, Zico wondered if there was any amount of money that would get D.O. to wear the whole outfit.

Zico: I really like hypothetical questions. If you were to be paid 10 billion won in cash to wear that to your next film screening, would you wear it?

D.O.: No, I wouldn’t.

Zico: 20 billion won.

D.O.: No.

Zico: 30 billion won.

Even though Zico kept raising the hypothetical price, D.O. determinedly refused to agree ever to wear the edit.

D.O.: I wouldn’t wear it no matter how much I got. No matter how much.

Zico: 50 billion won.

D.O.: No way.

Zico: 100 billion won.

D.O.: Absolutely not.

| ZICO/YouTube 

At least fans know that he would be willing to at least wear the shirt again for them.




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