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Offstage Interactions At The “38th Golden Disc Awards” Leave Two K-Pop Fandoms Begging for More

“Someone needs to bring out the stretcher for me omg” 😂

Netizens are still abuzz with the exciting events that took place during the 38th Golden Disc Awards on January 6.

The awards were held in Jakarta, Indonesia, and many of K-Pop’s famous stars were present, leading to memorable idol interactions, unforgettable stages, and countless fancam moments to enjoy.

ENHYPEN accepting an award at the “38th Golden Disc Awards” | @baekwoniee/Twitter
NewJeans on the “38th Golden Disc Awards” red carpet

This year-end award show season has led to some backlash from netizens due to formatting that decreased idol interactions, but with many fans also attending the 38th Golden Disc Awards to capture those off-screen moments, netizens were able to witness exchanges that didn’t make the official broadcast.

Members of two fandoms, in particular, celebrate rare interactions spotted between two popular K-Pop groups.

Interactions between members of SEVENTEEN and Stray Kids have been earning thousands of views as the two fandoms celebrated the rare public interactions between the talented groups.

SEVENTEEN at the “38th Golden Disc Awards” | @pledis_17/Twitter
Stray Kids at the “38th Golden Disc Awards” | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The Stray Kids x SEVENTEEN offstage “crumbs” had netizens begging for more as the two groups danced to each others’ songs, sat together, and had a blast attending the ceremony.

Instead of SEVENTEEN’s Dino becoming the “ninth member of Stray Kids,” as he had last year, leader S.Coups was spotted sitting next to the 4th-gen group, and each member heartwarmingly bowed to the senior idol as they passed.

Fans especially loved the friendly handshake shared between the two groups’ leaders, S.Coups and Bang Chan.

The two groups entertained fans with their hilarious interactions at last year’s 37th Golden Disc Awards as well.

Check out more on that in the article below!

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