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Old Photos of Red Velvet’s Irene Put All Plastic Surgery Suspicions To Bed, Proving Her Natural Beauty

Not that there was much suspicion in the first place.

Old school photos of Red Velvet‘s Irene have resurfaced in online communities proving just how natural her beauty is and always has been.

What’s drawing particular attention is how stunning she looked in even her graduation photos, which are known to be embarrassing memories for most.

Despite the low resolution of the photos, Irene’s distinct facial characteristics can still be seen very clearly.

And she looks so similar to how she does now, that if there were any plastic surgery suspicions, these photos certainly put them to rest.

In addition to her natural beauty, it’s hard not to fall in love with her playful poses and the innocent purity that she gave off back in the day.

She was definitely the first crush of many, guaranteed.

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