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ONCEs Praise Stylists For TWICE Jeongyeon’s Outfits In Latest Comeback

ONCEs are loving TWICE Jeongyeon‘s outfits lately and are praising the stylists.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon

Previously, Jeongyeon had been on hiatus due to a herniated disc and anxiety. During this period, she also gained some weight, likely as a side effect of medication. While ONCEs think she looks great as always, they have been concerned about the styling of Jeongyeon’s new body type.

Jeongyeon has returned to performing with TWICE, and with their latest comeback, we are seeing great change in her. She looks more confident and happy. With other appearances, ONCEs were concerned that she was pushing herself too fast.


Yet, another thing that ONCEs can’t help but notice in this comeback is Jeongyeon’s styling.

| @jy_piece/Instagram

With the past couple of comebacks, including “Scientist,” ONCEs felt that the stylist didn’t know how to showcase Jeongyeon’s figure.

Even one of Jeongyeon’s main outfits for “Talk that Talk” has received mainly negative reactions. Most agree the blue trousers were a poor choice.


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♬ Talk that Talk – TWICE

Not to mention that Jeongyeon’s outfit stands out oddly from her fellow members’ cute skirts.


#TalkthatTalk Challenge✌ (TW-peace ver.) 🐶🐧🦌💕 #TWICE #트와이스 #BETWEEN1and2

♬ Talk that Talk – TWICE

Still, there is a lot more to love about this comeback. Most agree that even those it’s another outfit featuring pants, this overall fit, including a corset, looks stunning on Jeongyeon.


#twice #talkthattalk #jeongyeon #kpop #fyp

♬ Talk that Talk – TWICE

This isn’t all, though. Recently, in a music show promotion for “Talk that Talk,” Jeongyeon wears a short skirt and crop top, similar to her members’ usual outfits.


SHE’S SO PRETTY #twice #jeongyeon #fancam

♬ Talk that Talk – TWICE


She looks so gooddd #jeongyeon #twice #fancam #talkthattalk #jeongyeontwice #jyp #fyp

♬ Talk that Talk – TWICE

ONCEs are so happy to see a shift in the styling. Hopefully, the stylists recognize now that Jeongyeon is beautiful and deserves to be styled as such.

Interestingly, when Jeongyeon’s jacket in the above outfit was buttoned, covering the crop top, netizens criticized the outfit and stylist. So, even the smallest choices, like whether to button a jacket or not, impact a look significantly.

Still, in TWICE’s recent dance practice, Jeongyeon dresses similarly to everyone else, wearing a crop top. So, it still looks like Jeongyeon’s styling is changing for the better overall.

We can all agree that no matter what Jeongyeon wears, she looks beautiful, but the stylists these days definitely deserve a raise.



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