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“One Brain Cell”: 2PM’s Lee Junho And Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Prove How Close They Really Are In Behind-The-Scenes Of “King The Land” Finale

They can’t stop laughing on set!

K-Drama King the Land has unfortunately ended, but JTBC is continuing to feed fans with a new behind-the-scenes video.

YoonA (left) and Junho (right)

King the Land became a hit, thanks to the leads’ chemistry. 2PM‘s Junho (also known as Lee Jun Ho) and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA (also known as Lim Yoon A or Im Yoon Ah) have been friends for over a decade, so they don’t even have to fake their chemistry. It’s all natural!

Their characters even have some of their own personal characteristics and habits. For one thing, YoonA and Junho included their own “secret handshake” in a couple of scenes.

But behind-the-scenes footage from filming King the Land showcases just how close the idol-actors really are.

JTBC released behind-the-scenes footage for filming the last two King the Land episodes. It even included some unreleased scenes and cute ad-libs.

Most of all, it showed YoonA and Junho having fun together on set, displaying their true relationship. They always stay side-by-side, even in between takes.

They’re so close that YoonA can even imitate Junho’s voice! A true talent.

Since they share similar humor, they often joked around on set. While filming the teeth-brushing scene, they playfully “sang” each other’s group’s hit songs while gargling. Junho didn’t last long because he started laughing!

Also, during this scene, Junho attempted to make YoonA laugh (no struggle there). She ultimately threatened to spit the water out on him!

Junho and YoonA played another “Guess the Song” game. There’s never a dull moment on set with these two.

There were numerous instances where the two broke into laughter while attempting to film a scene. This is what happens when you put best friends to work together!

Their fans say Junho and YoonA “share one brain cell.” That’s how much alike they are, especially in terms of humor.

We all need friends like these!

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video below.



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