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“Please Don’t Call Yourself K-Pop” BLACKPINK Lisa’s Latest Instagram Post Sparks Renewed Backlash Amid “Crazy Horse” Fallout

Korean netizens continue to criticize the idol.

BLACKPINK Lisa‘s latest Instagram post has been hit with criticism amid the fallout from her controversial Crazy Horse Paris performance.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

On October 5, Lisa uploaded pictures from her much-talked-about performance at the Crazy Horse Paris. Crazy Horse Paris is a cabaret known for its nude stage shows. Notably, BLACKPINK’s Lisa did not perform nude.

In the photos, Lisa shows off her sultry side while being clad in lingerie. Although revealing, the outfits aren’t nearly the nude strip show that some fans had originally feared.


Despite this, however, it seems that a burlesque show is too much for Korea’s more conservative sensibilities. Many netizens expressed their disappointment in the idol and criticized her for uploading the photos.

  • “Wow, I can’t believe that she voluntarily uploaded this herself.”
  • “I guess she was actually happy with the performance…”
  • “Being a stripper suits her. She should become a regular.”
  • “Wack.”
  • “She looks so cheap, LOL. Just be a stripper.”
  • “No matter how pretty the photos look, she is just a strip showgirl.”
  • “Why does she look so obsessed with herself? But I was shocked to see that she looked like a stripper in those photos. I can’t believe this is the most popular girl group member.”
  • “I wish she wouldn’t call herself K-Pop. She’s just a showgirl now.”
  • “I can’t believe she follows up her success with BLACKPINK by performing a strip show, LOL. Um…yeah, LOL. If I was a fan, I think I would cry tears of blood, but since both sides seem happy, I guess I shouldn’t butt in. Be happy~.”
  • “Don’t the fans ever feel sorry for themselves while defending Lisa dancing at a strip show?
  • “Don’t call yourself K-Pop because this is shameful.”
  • “Wow, how classy? Her fans must be so proud.”

Still, the post received a tremendous amount of praise from international fans, who have overwhelmingly been positive about the idol’s performance.

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