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Police Acts Quickly On Bomb Threat At NCT 127’s Jakarta Concert

Everyone was safe in the end.

Indonesian fans of the groups NCT 127 and SEVENTEEN were alarmed on November 4, 2022, when a bomb threat surfaced. The threat had been aimed at NCT 127’s encore concert for THE LINK+, held over the weekend of November 4.

According to the media, the threat in the form of a handwritten note had surfaced on the concert site.

As the threat surfaced on the day of NCT 127’s concert itself, the police were quickly dispatched to the area. They brought sniffer dogs with them. The local news quickly reported on the matter to calm concert-goers and keep them up to speed.

The police quickly swept the area and confirmed that there was no immediate threat or any suspicious items found.

An anonymous letter by the alleged person who spread the threat was uploaded. In the letter, they claimed to have been threatened by an unknown organization to carry out the bombing. They also refer to a year-end concert, which would be SEVENTEEN‘s.

The police managed to track down the owner behind the account and are currently undergoing investigations. Later on, it was also confirmed by the local organizers that the issue was a hoax and that the concerts would proceed as planned.




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