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Popular Third-Generation Idol Goes Viral For The “Human Wall” Of Security At A Brand Event

There were 200 bodyguards!

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 is going viral after shocking netizens with the sheer amount of security at a recent event in China.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 | @xuminghao_o/Instagram

SEVENTEEN are undoubtedly one of the biggest K-Pop groups, and the members are always swarmed at huge events. Netizens have always demanded more protection for the members, and it seems like The8 has proved it is possible.

On June 6, The8 attended an event for the brand KOLON in China. Before it even started, netizens were shocked as they saw a line of 200 bodyguards walking towards the event venue.

| 废话很多的人类小样/XHS

Photos posted by fans attending showed that KOLON must have anticipated the huge crowds because it felt like miles of space was filled by fans.

| @8starminghao71/Twitter
| @8starminghao71/Twitter
| @8starminghao71/Twitter

The guards were immediately put to good use as they formed a hu,an wall to separate fans from The8 and to keep both the idol and fans safe.


| 汐/XHS

In particular, photos and videos of The8 walking through crowds with the protection of the guards showcase how impactful the decision was. Fans got to see The8, he got to greet them, and nobody was in an unsafe environment.


| 彩虹朵朵/XHS

When the videos were shared, netizens couldn’t get enough of the lengths both KOLON and XCSS Entertainment (the Chinese brand of Pledis) had done for The8, wanting it to be something incorporated into all schedules.

There is always a worry about the safety of idols and fans at such huge events, but The8 had the best of both worlds as he could greet fans but not worry about being mobbed.




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