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Popular US Label May Have Spoiled Which TWICE Member Will Debut Solo Next

The internet is abuzz with theories!

TWICE, the sensational K-Pop girl group, has been captivating fans with a series of solo debuts from its members, keeping the excitement at an all-time high. As each member showcases their individual talents, fans eagerly await to see who will step into the solo spotlight next. One small gesture by Universal Group Music may have just spoiled fans on who that may be.

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The group’s solo debut journey began with Nayeon, who set the bar high with her mini-album IM NAYEON. The album made an impressive impact on global charts, including a historic debut on the Billboard 200 at No. 7, making her the first K-Pop soloist to ever enter the top 10 of this prestigious chart.

The title track, “POP!”, not only captivated audiences with its vibrant energy but also achieved remarkable feats like surpassing 200 million views on YouTube​​ and staying strong on various Billboard charts.

Following Nayeon, Jihyo made waves with her mini-album ZONE and its compelling title track, “Killin’ Me Good.” Jihyo’s entry into the solo arena was marked by her distinctive musical color and involvement in composing and lyric writing for the album.

Notably, ZONE was recognized as one of GRAMMYS‘ “Must-Hear Albums for August,” highlighting Jihyo’s unique artistic voice and powerful performance.

Amidst this successful streak, fans are now buzzing with speculation that Momo, known for her impeccable dance skills, might be next in line for a solo debut.

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This speculation was fueled by Universal Music Group‘s — the legendary US-based label — recent activity of following Momo on Instagram, a pattern observed previously with Nayeon and Jihyo. This move by UMG has ignited discussions and expectations among fans, who are curious to see what Momo, with her impressive stage presence, will bring to her solo work.

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Momo’s recent involvement in TWICE’s subunit MISAMO, alongside Sana and Mina, adds to the anticipation. The unit’s album Masterpiece performed exceptionally well in Japan, and their showcase MiSaMo Japan Showcase 2023 attracted a massive number of ticket applications, underlining Momo’s popularity and the potential success of her solo endeavors​.

As TWICE continues to evolve, each member’s solo venture adds a new dimension to the group’s diverse talents. With the pattern established by Nayeon and Jihyo, and the recent clues hinting at Momo’s potential solo debut, the excitement among fans is palpable. If the speculations hold true, Momo’s debut is not just eagerly awaited but also promises to be a significant addition to the K-Pop solo artist landscape.




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