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Producer And HYBE Labels Founder Bang Si Hyuk Makes A Healthy Transformation After Weight Loss

Many were surprised at the drastic change.

HYBE Labels founder Bang Si Hyuk has always worried fans because of his weight. Although it is completely fine for someone to embrace their body shape and type, fans were getting concerned about his health due to obesity.

The producer and founder’s weight fluctuates consistently, a sign of either yo-yo-ing or poor health.

Throughout the years, he appeared in public in various stages of weight gain or loss.

 Most recently, fans were pleased to see that his weight seemed to have returned to a more healthy state.

Most recently, during TXT‘s American leg of their Act: Sweet Mirage tour, Bang Si Hyuk went to visit the boys. Through the photo, fans were able to see that Bang Si Hyuk lost a visible amount of weight. His jawline is now defined, and he also looked way younger and healthier.

| @hitmanb72/Instagram

Compared to a photo he took with them in July 2022, the difference is huge.

| @hitmanb72/Instagram

Netizens and fans were happy for the man. Many commented on how much healthier he looked.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Bang Si Hyuk probably does Juvis or some care program, right?
  • HitmanBang, please stay healthy always.
  • What the. Since when did he lose so much weight?
  • How did he do it…
  • You can’t even tell idols they are skinny, chubby or have gained weight, so I feel like we’re being too nosey to Bang Si Hyuk too. He’ll take care of his own body.
  • It was to the point where people were worried about his health so this looks way better.

Weightloss aside, it was also heartwarming to see how Bang Si Hyuk attended TXT’s first stadium concert.

Fans were especially happy to see him at the tour!




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