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Promoter For NCT 127’s “THE LINK” In Jakarta Begs On Her Knees For Fans To Keep Order — NCTzens Express Concern

Fans insisted it was not the promoter’s fault.

The recent concert in Jakarta for NCT 127‘s THE LINK encore experienced many struggles. Just before the concert started, a bomb threat was discovered, and police were dispatched to examine the area. It was soon dismissed as a hoax. Later on, the concert was stopped halfway through due to crowds pushing in the standing areas. With many fans fainting in the audience, the concert was called off with 5 songs left to go.

The incident left fans feeling sorry for the boys’ shock due to the disarray. A project was carried out on the second day of the concert, with fans holding up apology banners to say sorry to the members. Jaehyun also addressed the project, sending his love to the fans.

On the second day of the concert, the head of the promoters team also stepped out on stage before the concert began. She got to her knees, tearfully asking the fans to behave this time around.

The head of promoters asks fans to stay in order. | @__jaehyunn/Twitter

The scene broke the hearts of many NCTzens globally. Many pointed out that it was by no means her or the promoters’ fault. The incident took place due to unruly fans, not a lack of organization or staff on hand.

Such an incident has never happened before. It is rare for promoters to address issues in person and directly. The desperation of the staff touched the hearts of many, who insisted that it was not her fault.

Thankfully, the concert ended without incident. Fans were extremely well-behaved on the second day. Although there was a halt mid-concert, it was simply due to sound issues. The promoter was seen crying after it was all over. According to fans, the police on hand and the other staff hugged and comforted her.

Kudos to the fans who kept the second day of the concert enjoyable for everyone!




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