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Rapper Lee Young Ji Apologizes After Receiving Backlash For Sharing Her Messages With SEVENTEEN’s DK

Rapper Lee Young Ji apologized to international fans after she was criticized for a recent Instagram post.

Rapper Lee Young Ji | @youngji_02/Instagram

Lee Young Ji has become known for her friendships with some of the biggest idols in K-Pop. One of the idols that Young Ji is known to be close to is SEVENTEEN‘s DK.

SEVENTEEN’s DK | @dk_is_dokyeom/Instagram

Along with collaborating on SEVENTEEN BSS (Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi) on their track “Fighting” and live performances of the track, DK has appeared on Young Ji’s show My Alcohol Diary.


Yet, Young Ji was forced to apologize to fans after she was accused of “mocking” her friendship with DK.

On January 1, Young Ji shared a message on Instagram that she received from DK. In the message, DK wished Young Ji a happy new year and a heartfelt message, to which the rapper replied, “Ah, sunbaenim.”

The message shared on Instagram | @youngji_02/Instagram

When the message was shared on Instagram, international fans instantly shared their anger at Young Ji for what she had done. In particular, along with sharing private messages with DK (a top idol who they believe already doesn’t have privacy), they thought she was “Mocking” his long messages with such a short answer.

In particular, many pointed out that it wasn’t Young Ji’s first time talking about DK’s long messages. When the SEVENTEEN singer appeared on her show with fellow member Joshua, Young Ji explained she feels “pressure” when DK sends long messages when knowing how to reply.

That were as long as spam messages. He texts me like, ‘Hey Young Ji.’ He sends me text messages like in the 5W1H format. In order to reply to his messages I feel pressured to send text messages as long as he sends me. I feel like I have to reply just like him.

— Lee Young Ji

DK then apologized, sharing that he wasn’t aware of it and seemed extremely apologetic.

Many netizens also brought back the part in the video where DK revealed he was hurt because after they had filmed together, Young Ji had said he was “too much.”

After the criticism on social media, Young Ji seemed to have seen the discourse amongst international netizens. On January 2, Young Ji shared an apology on her social media in English, where she explained how grateful she was for the messages from DK and that she had permission to upload the message.

Im so sorry guys i didn’t mean that.. I am always thankful for the caring texts and sweetheart sunbae moment from him. And i also learned from him how to be jentle and be passionate all the time in this industry that makes me respect him even more. Yes.. the screen shot was cut off, but of course i replied. Also i asked him if i could upload this, and got permission to upload. But i understand how you guys feel about this twt and i’ll be more carefull with my behavior. sorry for everyone. I’ll be more carefull. and im not gonna upload this type of twt i’ll promise to you.

— Lee Young Ji

When the apology was shared, while some pointed out that she didn’t need to apologize and her post was being overanalyzed, others emphasized that it wasn’t a “witch hunt,” but they wanted to make her aware of the “image” of DK that she is emphasizing that he doesn’t want.




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