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Red Velvet Make A “Scary” First Impression? Wendy And Seulgi Explain Why “A Lot” Of People Think So

“We were worried about our first impression…”

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and Wendy were the final guests on season 2 of GOT7 BamBam‘s talk show, Bam’s House, and together, the three third-generation K-Pop artists discussed the early days of their careers, their experiences now with junior K-Pop idols, and their first impressions of each other.

(From left:) GOT7’s BamBam and Red Velvet’s Wendy and Seulgi | @bam_house_/Instagram

Red Velvet and GOT7 both debuted in 2014, so their promotional cycles often overlapped.

Approaching their 10th anniversary in 2024, the members reflected on their first impressions of each other.

GOT7, Red Velvet, Lovelyz, and Winner on stage for a “Super Rookie” performance in 2014. | SBS

Red Velvet debuted seven months after GOT7, and Wendy and Seulgi revealed that they were impressed by GOT7’s concept and strong stage performances.

The two Red Velvet members added that they really enjoyed GOT7’s songs as well.

After spilling on their first impression of GOT7, Seulgi admitted they were a “little worried” about BamBam’s first impression of Red Velvet.

BamBam hilariously didn’t hold back when he admitted, “You were a teeny bit scary at first, to be honest,” but added that he had an overall good impression of the group.

Seulgi surprisingly revealed that “a lot of people” had that same first impression of Red Velvet, and she wondered if it was because Red Velvet had a “lot of senior girl groups” in SM Entertainment, such as f(x) and Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation with Red Velvet.

Wendy added that there are still “a lot of people who are scared [of them],” and the two Red Velvet members further reasoned that it may be because the group is quiet and keeps to themselves.

Despite their “scary” first impression, the Red Velvet members revealed they’re treated like senior idols “too often.

Check out more on that in the article below!

Red Velvet And GOT7’s BamBam Discover That Junior Idols Treat Them Very Differently

Red Velvet



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