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Red Velvet Wendy’s “Heartbreaking” Reason For Not Going Out For Five Years After Debuting Showcases The Harsh Reality Of K-Pop

She only stayed at home or at SM Entertainment.

Red Velvet’s Wendy has made fans sad after revealing one of the heartbreaking reasons she chose to stay at home or at the company after debuting, showcasing the harsh reality of being a K-Pop idol.

Red Velvet’s Wendy | @todayis_wendy/Instagram

To celebrate the release of her second solo EP, Wendy recently appeared on Jo Hyun Ah’s YouTube channel for the series Thursday Night.

During the video, when asked who she is closest to, Wendy explained that it was herself because she likes being at home and doesn’t leave it much.

She added that her goal for 2024 was to go out and meet people more.

When asked for another reason that Wendy didn’t meet people much…

Wendy said that for five years after debuting, she was always either at home or the company.

The idol broke hearts by explaining that the reason behind staying in those places was “to be careful with her behavior,” as she added about not harming any of the members.

But after being in the industry so long, even the staff at SM Entertainment have wished for Wendy to go out more even though she explained that she likes staying at home.

When the tweet of the video was shared…

Netizens felt sad about the situation. While Wendy revealed she is a homebody, fans pointed out the toxicity of the K-Pop industry where idols are terrified to do certain things that could be deemed normal or mundane in fear of how it would impact their groups if it was twisted negatively.

The K-Pop world might be a haven for many fans, but the harsh realities of being an idol can sometimes be overlooked, and Wendy’s comment showcases that behind closed doors, it’s a completely different situation for artists.

Source: @EverydayIsThursdayNight

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