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Red Velvet Yeri’s Relationship With Her Dad Is Too Precious

Red Velvet‘s Yeri has finally launched her own personal YouTube channel! Her fans, dubbed ReVeluvs as a combination of the words “Red,” “Velvet,” and “love,” were waiting with much anticipation for her first video, which was a vlog of her vacation in Hawaii.

Red Velvet’s Yeri in her first vlog’s thumbnail | @RVsmtown/Twitter

What ReVeluvs didn’t know was that she was accompanied on the trip by some friends and her father! It wasn’t clear what the dynamic between the family members would be, but the two seemed to have a close relationship, as the first part of the video was them eating dinner together. It became apparent that Yeri’s dad was a man of few words when she asked him what he thought of her haircut, and his answer was simply, “It’s pretty.”

| yerimiese/YouTube 

Yeri’s reaction tells fans that she must get that answer from him often.

In another part of the vlog, it was revealed that despite his gruff responses, he could not resist his daughter’s requests when she asked him to buy cute matching keychains together!

He also tried to teach her more about car maintenance since, as of the filming in the vlog, she still didn’t have her Korean driving license! Thankfully she has since acquired it, but it seems like she still has a lot to learn, and her dad was giving her brain an information overload.

The two spent a lot of time together, even going to the gym to burn off some calories they gained from the delicious Hawaiian food.

Of course, a trip like this wouldn’t be complete without Yeri complaining about her dad’s driving. Dressed in a brand new dominantly white outfit, it’s understandable she’d be stressed out about the mud!

To cap off the first leg of her trip, she decided to grab a drink with her father. Despite his cold exterior, Yeri still manages to force him to go along with her silliness.

As Red Velvet’s maknae (Korean word for the youngest in the group,) it makes sense that she would also have the same childlike charms towards him!

Their relationship is so precious! ReVeluvs are looking forward to more vlogs from Yeri’s Hawaii vacation.

Check out the full vlog below!



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