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Red Velvet’s Joy “Called Out” Over Weight Gain, Netizens Come To Her Defense

“F*cking pieces of trash are insulting her for her weight.”

There’s no denying that Red Velvet‘s Joy is a gorgeous idol and has often attracted attention for her visuals.

Red Velvet’s Joy | SBS
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In the past, netizens have negatively talked about Joy regarding her weight, even though the idol once revealed it was heavily monitored.

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Recently, the topic of her weight came up again after an onstage performance.

On December 13, Red Velvet and SHINee‘s Key appeared at the Lazada Festival Concert in Indonesia.

The idols performed and greeted fans during the event, playing games on stage.

Joy looked pretty in pink, looking adorable, as she laughed and smiled.

Unfortunately, some had some negative thoughts about Joy’s appearance.

In an online forum post titled “People asking if Joy gained too much weight,” an anonymous netizen shared screenshots of Joy from the festival.

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Korean netizens came to Joy’s defense, referencing her health-related hiatus earlier this year, though the comments could be seen as a bit backhanded.

  • Didn’t Joy halt activities before? She’ s probably facing health issues and those f*cking pieces of trash are insulting her for her weightㅋㅋㅋ She’s gunna look f*cking prettier than their fantasies when she loses weight again anyways, so OP, go fix your busted up face firstㅠ
  • She’s gunna look like this when she loses weight again anyways. I look ugly even when I lose weight. Stop bothering someone who halted activities due to health reasons and go lose weight yourselfㅋㅋㅋ
  •  Considering how she had to halt her activities, she was probably very ill. I’m sure she wasn’t able to work out well and had a hard time only eating idol food while she was sick. And it’s common to gain weight when you’re on medication, so it’s f*cking trash how they’re insulting her for itㅋㅋ Hey OP, if you’re ugly, at least live kindly. Don’t go around picking on pretty and kind idolsㅋㅋㅋ
  • Just leave her alone… Idols like Shindong haven’t been in a normal weight range for the past 20 years, so why is everyone up in arms about female idols?
    Regardless, you’ll probably never look like this even if you’re skinnyㅋㅋ

International netizens also supported Joy, commenting on how beautiful she is at any weight and how much she glowed during the event.

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