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Red Velvet’s Joy Earns Attention For Her Recent “Kwangya” Airport Fashion

Red Velvet were all pictured at Gimpo International Airport recently as the group headed to Japan for SMTOWN LIVE at Tokyo Dome.

SMTOWN LIVE in Seoul | @smtown/Instagram

The members turned the airport into their own personal runway while rocking their unique individual styles.

Leader Irene looked amazing in a trendy 90s-style two-piece set. The black vest and slacks looked chic on Irene as she posed for photos with her fellow members.

Seulgi wore a floral graphic print shirt over a white t-shirt and a unique wrap skirt. The idol’s overall look was modern and effortless, perfectly suiting her.

Red Velvet’s Irene (left), Seulgi (center), and Wendy (right)

Wendy kept her outfit charming and trendy with a colorful crochet top and a denim wrap skirt with knee-high boots.

The youngest members of the group also wore modern looks. Maknae Yeri‘s look was polished, pairing a Prada top and handbag with denim jeans.

Joy effortlessly pulled off a trendy Y2K look in her edgy and fashion-forward outfit.

Red Velvet’s Yeri (front left) and Joy (front right)

Joy earned attention for her confident fashion, with fans celebrating the outfit on Twitter.

The asymmetrical one-shoulder top and ruched drawstring skirt Joy wore also gained attention for another reason; it reminded some fans of another SM Entertainment group…

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Netizens noticed how Joy could easily look like the fifth member of aespa in her edgy fashion look. On a popular Korean online forum, netizens commented on her “Kwangya look,” referring to the alternate dimension, Kwangya, that exists within SM Entertainment’s metaverse storylines.

| Nate Pann

  • Heck yes. She looks like she’s going to start singing “Girls.” LOL.
  • The outfit is hip AF and looks great on Joy! She’s pretty, for reals.
  • It’s the “Kwangya Look.” HAHA. I definitely can see it being an aespa stage outfit, LOL.

Joy continued to show off the outfit when she arrived in Japan, wearing it to the convenience store to grab something to eat after the flight.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Joy looks confident and incredible in her “Kwangya fashion!”

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