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Red Velvet’s Joy Increases Anticipation For The Group’s Comeback By Showing Off New Hair Color

Her new hair serves as a tantalizing hint.

Red Velvet‘s Joy is known for her stunning visuals and impeccable style, but it’s her recent hair transformation that has fans and netizens in a whirl of excitement. On her way to record for SBS‘s Animal Farm, where she graces the screen as one of the hosts, Joy was spotted sporting a brand new hair color that is subtly reminiscent of her group’s name.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

As she stepped out, the awaiting fans and paparazzi couldn’t help but notice the understated red tinge to her hair. The allure of her fresh look was undeniable. The gentle shift in hue brought out her features in a mesmerizing manner, adding an ethereal glow to her already radiant presence. Joy, never one to disappoint, looked absolutely gorgeous, making fans wonder if this is a hint towards Red Velvet’s upcoming theme for their anticipated return.

| @box_rv/Twitter 

The world of K-pop is no stranger to stars changing their looks to herald a new era of music and performances. However, Joy’s latest choice holds special resonance. When asked about her new hair color, the singer playfully responded, “Red Velvet,” driving the anticipation for the group’s imminent comeback into overdrive.

It’s been a significant wait for fans since Red Velvet’s Perfect Velvet, which still stands tall as one of the most critically acclaimed K-Pop albums. Its nuanced sound, coupled with the group’s signature charm and impeccable style, solidified its place in history. Thus, expectations are soaring for their upcoming 3rd studio album, slated for a November release.

Red Velvet’s “Perfect Velvet” concept image. | SM Entertainment

Rumors and speculation about the girl group’s concept for this comeback have been swirling. With Red Velvet’s styling and makeup team seen filming in a woodland setting, imaginations run wild. What could they possibly be conjuring up this time? Red Velvet has long been celebrated for their trailblazing concepts. Their previous endeavors have not only set trends but have also inspired many budding and established acts in the K-Pop industry.


Joy’s new hair serves as a tantalizing hint. Is it a nod to a classic Red Velvet theme, or is it a harbinger of something entirely novel? Only time will reveal the full picture. But one thing is certain — with each passing day, the buzz surrounding Red Velvet’s comeback is growing louder.

| @box_rv/Twitter

With every teaser, whether it’s a change in hairstyle or a sneak peek into their music video set, the quintet ensures the world’s eyes are on them. As they gear up for their next chapter, fans worldwide hold their breath in anticipation, knowing that Red Velvet is about to redefine K-Pop aesthetics and sound once again.

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