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Red Velvet’s Joy Is Seen Having Crush’s Pet Dog As Her Phone’s Wallpaper

Joy and Crush confirmed they were dating in August 2021.

Red Velvet‘s Joy hinted that her relationship with her boyfriend, singer Crush, is going strong.

On November 10, Joy uploaded a personal vlog to Red Velvet’s YouTube channel.

On this day, Joy filmed her activities in Milan, including attending TOD‘s fashion show, which she is an ambassador for.

Fans, however, were stunned when Joy’s cellphone wallpaper was briefly shown. In a scene where she is seen walking with her phone in hand, viewers get a brief glimpse of a picture of a dog that serves as Joy’s wallpaper on her phone.

Joy | @Red Velvet/YouTube

Joy | @Red Velvet/YouTube

Fans alleged that this was no ordinary dog but that it was her boyfriend Crush’s pet dog Doyou. Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush confirmed they were dating in August 2021, having fallen in love while working on their duet “Mayday.”

No matter how far apart their schedules may take them, it seems Joy always keeps Crush near and dear.

Joy debuted with SM Entertainment‘s Red Velvet in 2014. The group has since become one of K-Pop’s biggest acts. Recently it was announced that the group would be returning with a new mini album, The ReVe Festival 2022- Birthday. 

Check out Joy’s vlog in the link below!


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