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Red Velvet’s Joy Makes A Sweet Promise To IVE’s Rei

A friendship we support.

IVE‘s Rei is known to be a huge fan of Red Velvet‘s Joy. It totally made Rei’s day when Joy commented on her recent Instagram post. Rei had posted a photo of her enjoying this season’s fruits — strawberries!

I can eat 1004 strawberries…

— Rei

She melted the hearts of more than fans, for Joy left a sweet comment. She promised to buy Rei as many strawberries as she could eat!

Rei responded with equal joy.

  • Joy: Our Rei. Unnie will buy you 1004 strawberries, because our Rei is an angel.
  • Rei: Rei’s new schedule: To eat 1004 strawberries with Joy unnie.

Looks like the two got closer, for she now calls Joy “unnie” instead of “sunbae!” Netizens loved seing the two’s blossoming friendship.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  •  Seems like they’re close. I thought that they looked similar like cousins.
  • Ah, f*cking cute.
  • I love seeing this friendship.
  • Cute, LOL.
  • They’re both cute. Joy…
  • How did they get close? They’re both so cute.
  • Cute.

It isn’t the first time the two have interacted! Rei drew a gorgeous photo of Joy, who showed it off on Instagram.

Joy’s story of her conversation with Rei. | theqoo
  • Rei: Sunbaenim, drawing is my hobby, so I tried drawing you following my favorite photo of you!
  • Joy: Ah, Rei, you drew it so well. Thank you, I’m touched. You’re really good at drawing hehe. I have to set it as my wallpaper.
  • Caption: I wanted to show it off. Thank you Rei!

We love seeing pretty girls be friends!



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