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Red Velvet’s Joy Seemingly Responds To Recent Plastic Surgery Allegations

“People who only see one side of the story…”

It seems Red Velvet‘s Joy may have responded to recent allegations of plastic surgery.

Red Velvet’s Joy | Athe Cosmetics

On January 17, Joy was photographed heading to film Animal Farm and interacting with fans waiting for her arrival. The idol looked beautiful as usual, but some netizens noticed that her eyes looked slightly different than their usual slightly uneven appearance.

While many attributed the difference in visuals to either eyelid tape, a lack of sleep, and cold weather, others accused the idol of getting plastic surgery. There is nothing wrong with adults getting procedures they truly want; however, many comments spoke negatively about her appearance.

Red Velvet Joy’s Recent Visual Change Becomes A Hot Topic With Netizens

Now, a day later, Joy has seemingly reacted to these allegations.

In a series of Dear. U Bubble messages, Joy spoke directly to fans, saying that greeting those who waited for her was a happy time.

| Dear. U Bubble

Joy: It was cold and snowy yesterday, but I went to say hello because I was worried about the Luvies who were waiting for me.
JoyAlthough we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together, we were happy to see each other. Right?

She then says it isn’t worth responding to “those who know nothing and only see one side of the story” and that it is better not to respond. Joy reassured fans that she was okay and urged them to be happy with her.

| Dear. U Bubble

Joy: It’s not worth responding to people who see only one side of the story and say whatever they want when they don’t know anything about me. 
Joy: I’m okay, so Luvies, trust me. Let’s just be happy as we are now.

After talking about her upcoming plans for the near future, she requested that fans trust her and not worry.

| Dear. U Bubble

I had a good rest!
Starting tomorrow, I will be doing online fansigns. I have other things scheduled in between here and there, but I’m not sure when you’ll hear about them.

At the end of February, I’ll be at SM Town Tokyo. I also might be able to go to Milan for Tod’s. So don’t let all the nonsense talk fool you. Just trust me and let’s have a fantastic 2024! This is our 10th year, Trust me.

— Joy

As of late, Joy has been targeted with hate about her appearance, which you can read more about below.

Fans Enraged After Red Velvet’s Joy Mentions Her Weight Again

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