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Red Velvet’s Seulgi Picked The Four Idols Who Are The “Dance Queens” Of Girl Groups

Good to see women supporting women!

Red Velvet’s Seulgi is known as a triple threat entertainer. Not only is she skilled in vocals and has stunning visuals, but she is also one of the most charismatic idol dancers.

She was also featured on Vogue Korea as a “fancam artisan” due to her thrilling performance of “Bad Boy”. While the magazine highlighted the difficulty of Red Velvet’s choreography, it commended Seulgi for constantly showcasing her strengths as a performer.

What makes fans further appreciate Seulgi, is how humble she is of her skills and how supportive she is of the talents of other idols.

Red Velvet guested on a past episode of Weekly Idol where Seulgi was asked which idols she thought were the best dancers. Seulgi added that there are so many talented performers in K-Pop and apologized for not being able to name all of them.

The four idols who came to Seulgi’s mind however were praised by Seulgi for their dancing talent. The first idol she mentioned was TWICE‘s Momo.

Momo has been commended as a gifted dancer whose skill stems from her attention to the intricate details in her detail. Furthermore, while showing herself as one of the most trained dancers in the world, she is also a powerful dancer.

The next idol Seulgi praised as a “Dance Queen” was BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

Lisa is one fiery performer and her dancing ability burns down any stage she is on.

Her talent is so globally appreciated, that Lisa is the first person to have her dance solo debut at #1 on YouTube. Oh, and she also learned the whole choreography in three hours.

Seulgi also praised Lee Chaeyeon as one of the best idol dancers.

Chaeyeon took Produce 48 by storm with her impressive dancing abilities, with many hoping for her to make it to the final lineup. Chaeyeon has been praised as a dancer with immense talent, with choreographers mentioning that her toned physique adds to her ability to add an energetic aura to any choreography.

And the fourth “Dance Queen” that Seulgi had to mention was Chungha. Ever since she went viral for her freestyle on the first season of Produce 101, Chungha has been a performer and dancer to watch.

Her freestyles are so good that some fans think it looks like it was choreographed. Since her solo debut, Chungha has wowed fans with her world class stage presence and powerful dance moves.

What fans love about Seulgi is her humble nature and her appreciation of the incredible talent of other idols. It is clear to many that these five charismatic performers shouldn’t be pitted against each other to see who is the better.

The truth is that Seulgi, Momo, Lisa, Chaeyeon and Chungha are all legendary dancers in their own league.

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