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Red Velvet’s Seulgi Saves Lee Chaeyeon From A Fire Accident

Soloist Lee Chaeyeon recently talked about her unexpected friendship with Red Velvet’s Seulgi while recounting a chaotic experience.

Lee Chaeyeon | @chaestival_/Instagram
Seulgi | @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

On February 21, Lee Chaeyeon appeared as a special guest on the YouTube show Inssadong Sulzzi with her former IZ*ONE groupmate Kang Hyewon. The episode kicked off with the two idols attempting to make each other cocktails and hilariously failing at it.

Thanks to the multiple tastings, the two singers got already tipsy before they even started their conversation for the show. When they finally got to asking each other drinking-related questions, Hyewon asked if Chaeyeon had ever gotten “really drunk.”

Chaeyeon replied by saying that she had done so very recently. The idol shared that she got so drunk that her hair caught fire from the candle on the table!

During the incident, Seulgi was with Chaeyeon. When the senior idol saw the fire, she jumped in to save the day and put out the flames with her hands!

Hyewon was left in awe hearing the story, as Chaeyeon explained that this incident made her really feel the warmth of Seulgi’s kindness!

Thanks to the Red Velvet singer’s prompt response, Chaeyeon was saved from a potentially dangerous situation!

You can watch Chaeyeon’s full interview here:

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