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Red Velvet’s Seulgi Spills Her Secrets To Getting In Shape Before Each Comeback

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi recently opened her own YouTube channel! The dancer sat down for a Q&A session for her first video upload, answering questions that fans have wanted to know for a while.

At one point, she was asked to share her secret to getting in shape in time for each new comeback season.

The first thing she mentioned was that she loses weight through the choreography practice sessions. Dancing is an effective cardio option for losing weight especially when done as frequently as K-Pop idols.

It starts from the dance practice. You use up a lot of energy when you dance.


She also goes on an effortless diet during promotional periods as she naturally tends to eat less. As a result, getting into shape for each comeback is not particularly difficult for her.

I lose my appetite when I start appearing on TV shows so it naturally becomes a diet.


Seulgi is currently trying to dedicate more time to working out in order to build muscle. Her inspiration to do so is none other than Wendy, her fellow Red Velvet member, who she describes as a gym rat.

I’m not good at keeping in shape but I get motivated when I see my members. Wendy is especially good at taking good care of herself. She goes to the gym twice a day!


Instead of going to the gym, Seulgi decided that Pilates suits her better. She also has a personal trainer to keep her in check.

So first I ask if I can do Pilates. If that doesn’t work out I ask about personal training.


To learn more secrets straight from Seulgi herself, check out the full video below.

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