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Red Velvet’s Yeri Returns To Debut Era Visuals With A Change In Makeup Style

She aged backwards.

Red Velvet’s Yeri recently headed to the airport to fly out to Singapore. She was to attend a press conference for her drama, Bitch And Rich!

At the airport, she turned the concrete pavements into her personal runway. Yeri donned an all-black outfit with a white handbag as an accent.

Netizens loves the clean styling on her. Even her makeup was kept simple and elegant.

Fans noticed that she also made a small change to her style. Yeri usually favors over-lined lips and arched brows. This time, she went for straighter brows and a natural lip.

The result was stunning! She looked like she aged backwards, going back to her rookie days.

Her radiant visuals were more evident in fansite photos.

Yeri looks just as she did during “Ice Cream Cake!”

| Nate Pann

Everyone loved the new style.

  • She really suits this styling.
  • The picture with the fan is really so pretty.
  • Yeri is always pretty but she has gotten prettier recently.
  • Really so pretty… See? She can be pretty without having to have brown hair and sparkly idol makeup. Makeup can change one’s looks so much. Please do something that suits her. And personally, Yeri’s jawline is so pretty so she’s super pretty when she tucks it behind a ear rather than letting it down.

Yeri looks gorgeous whatever she wears and however she does her makeup. Moreover, how Yeri wants to dress us up to her. Even so, it was a delight for fans to see Yeri return to her youthful, rookie days!

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