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SEVENTEEN Breaks K-Pop Album Sales Record With “17 IS RIGHT HERE”

They’re only competing with themselves at this point!

SEVENTEEN released their latest album, the compilation album 17 IS RIGHT HERE, on April 29 with the title track “Maestro”. As always, the K-Pop group didn’t disappoint, and the music video for the lead single has been met with awe.

It has been over 24 hours since the album came out, so music sales chart Hanteo has determined the first-day sales numbers for 17 IS RIGHT HERE and how they compare to other top-selling K-Pop albums.


Prior to that data being collected, even within the first hour of the album dropping, SEVENTEEN had sold a whopping 1.68 million copies in real-time.

As for their first-day sales numbers, SEVENTEEN sold a total of 2,260,906 copies in the first 24 hours, making it the fifth-best-selling K-Pop album of all time in first-day sales.

The album is surpassed by those released only by BTSStray Kids, and themselves.

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While it may not have broken the record for most sales in the first 24 hours, 17 IS RIGHT HERE is, after all, a compilation album, and those tend to make fewer sales than albums with an all-new song list. So in that regard, it has become the best-selling compilation album by a K-Pop artist in first-day sales, surpassing BTS’s compilation album PROOF (which sold 2.15 million copies in that time).

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Congratulations to SEVENTEEN on this accomplishment! We look forward to seeing just how well this album and title track perform on music charts and other media.




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