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SEVENTEEN Demonstrate Their Go-To Routines When Asked To Do Aegyo, And The Cuteness Is Too Much To Handle

During the latest episode of GOING SEVENTEENSEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu asked the other members if they had a go-to routine when asked by CARATs to do aegyo during online fansigns.


Without any hesitation, Jeonghan demonstrated the “bbuing bbuing aegyo” he’s been doing for years. It’s hard to believe he’s one of the oldest members, given how effortlessly adorable he can be.

Seungkwan then asked Mingyu to show his set, given that Mingyu was the one to ask the question.

Full of hearts and followed by a simple cheek poke and V sign, Mingyu often follows this routine to a T.

Jun went next, and his quick 3-set aegyo, including his iconic cat pose, had the rest of SEVENTEEN losing their minds over his cuteness.

SEVENTEEN’s reactions are no different than CARATs. After all, there’s a reason why so many fans ask Jun to do his cat ear pose.

Of course, when it comes to aegyo and poses, we can’t forget Hoshi and his horanghae agenda.

Besides horanghae, Hoshi does a triple heart combo as part of his go-to aegyo set, and The8 happily shared that he does something similar (although you won’t catch him doing the horanghae pose often).

Besides horanghaeWoozi‘s wooahae agenda has also spread across the K-Pop community. Instead of making things complicated, Woozi keeps his aegyo set simple by wooahae-ing as many times as asked.

Whether three, five, fifteen, or a hundred times, Woozi will never tire of doing wooahae, and CARATs wouldn’t have it any other way.

SEVENTEEN’s duality knows no bounds, but there’s something about their cute sides that easily melts even the coldest hearts.



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