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SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Fan Sign “Look” Gain Attention — Netizens Think He’s The Perfect Example Of Rejecting “Toxic Masculinity”

“Mingyu will never be the bad boy image you paint him to be…”

SEVENTEEN Mingyu‘s recent fan sign photos have been gaining attention, with many thinking he’s the perfect example of rejecting “toxic masculinity.”

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | @min9yu_k/Instagram

Since debuting, Mingyu has gained attention for his sharp and handsome visuals. On stage, Mingyu captures the hearts of netizens and always puts on a powerful performance like the rest of the members. Yet, in reality, Mingyu is extremely kind and warm-hearted, but his visuals mean that many netizens make assumptions about his personality to fit with a certain narrative. 

Recently, to celebrate the release of their new album, the SEVENTEEN members have been doing fan sign events where they can interact with CARATs. In photos shared by a fan, Mingyu was spotted wearing an apron, and considering that Mingyu is an avid cook, netizens were sent into meltdown.

| @blindformg/Twitter
| @blindformg/Twitter
| @blindformg/Twitter
| @blindformg/Twitter

After the photos were shared, one OP shared their thoughts on the idea of idols wearing certain things and having to use certain props at fansigns.

Yet, when the post was shared, netizens hit back at the claim, sharing that Mingyu was someone with strict boundaries and if he did it, it was because he wanted to. They also added that his masculinity isn’t “fragile” and that this image netizens have of Mingyu being a certain way isn’t the reality.

In the past, Mingyu has been praised for his actions, especially during a fan event, because he didn’t seem to care when using what was deemed as “feminine” props.



SEVENTEEN has been around for long enough to set boundaries with fans, and if Mingyu didn’t want to do certain things, he would say it. Fans don’t like people trying to create fake narratives about Mingyu that aren’t true.

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