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SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s Touching Speech And Gesture To His Mother At The “38th Golden Disc Awards” Has Everyone Emotional

Everyone is so proud of Wonwoo!

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo recently left fans moved with his words and actions, including a gesture to his mother.


In April 2022, it was sadly announced that SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s mother passed away due to an illness.

SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s Mother Has Passed Away

Fans worldwide offered condolences to the artist as he processed his grief, sharing a cover of IU’s “Knees” as a heartfelt tribute to his mom.

Wonwoo has continued to honor and include his mother in his achievements. He mentioned this during his acceptance speech at the 2023 MAMA Awards and said he had another thing to brag about to her.

This has continued at the latest awards show that SEVENTEEN attended.

On January 6, the 38th Golden Disc Awards took place, and SEVENTEEN were in attendance. The group won awards, including “Best Album Bonsang” and “Best Album Grand Prize.”

During the group’s acceptance speech, Wonwoo said a few words that made a huge impact on fans watching the show. He admitted that the past year had been hard for him but thanked fans and the other members for helping him get through it.

Last year was quite tough for me. I was falling apart. I’d like to thank Carats and my teammates for helping me through that. I’d like to become an artist who can also help others at times when they’re falling apart. Thank you.

— Wonwoo

After the speech, Wonwoo was seen facing the sky and holding the award up. Fans have assumed this is what he meant when he said he would be able to brag to his mother about achievements.

Wonwoo’s heartfelt actions and words have left fans emotional.




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