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SEVENTEEN’s BSS “Forgetting” Fans Leads To An Unexpected Reaction — Seungkwan Responds To The “Criticism”

BSS’s fans are as unserious as their idols!

Netizens have been left LOL’ing after fans have “threatened” to send a unique kind of protest truck to SEVENTEEN‘s subunit BSS for the funniest reason, and a member even responded.

On December 14, BSS (Seungkwan, Hoshi, and DK) attended the 2023 Asia Artist Awards.

The members of BSS | @TheSeoulStory/Twitter

During the event, BSS picked up the grand prize award for performance of the year. As expected, Hoshi, Seungkwan, and DK came out to give a speech and had the crowds in the palm of their hands.

While giving their acceptance speech, the three idols made sure to thank their fans, CARATs.

Yet, it seems like BSS forgot to thank someone important, much to the “dismay” of fans.

Shortly after the performance, a post on the Korean forum theqoo gained attention as netizens pointed out that the members of BSS didn’t thank their fans for the award. The title was captioned, “Did BooSeokSoon really not mention TteokTwiSoon?”

| theqoo

Of course, while SEVENTEEN’s fans are called CARATs (and were mentioned in the speech), netizens noticed that TteokTwiSoons, which is the fandom name of BSS fans, was not mentioned. The meaning of “TteokTwiSoon” comes from “Tteokbokki,” “Twigim,” and “Sundae.”

When the post was shared, comments couldn’t hide their “shock” at the fans not being mentioned. But of course, it was all light-hearted, and among the hilarious comments, two stood out. Protest trucks are known to be sent if fans are angry, but BSS fans took that an unexpected step further.

  • I’m going to send a truck
  • A food truck?
| theqoo

Rather than a protest truck, fans were going to send a food truck, which proves that it was obviously a light-hearted joke amongst TteokTwiSoons (and CARATs).

If that wasn’t funny enough, it seems like the concerns even reached the members themselves. When a picture of the post was shared on Instagram, netizens noticed that Seungkwan had responded.

Sorry ㅠㅠ Send me rice cakes ㅠㅠ

— Seungkwan

When international fans saw what was happening, they couldn’t hide their reactions to the hilarious posts. Although protest trucks are something that cause mixed reactions, fans took it and made it hilarious AF, and it was enough to get a reaction from Seungkwan.

As always, BSS never fails to make headlines with their humor and it seems like their fans have learned from the best.

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