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SEVENTEEN’s DK Is Truly A Ray Of Sunshine As He Shares What Makes Him Happy

It’s impossible not to smile around DK.

SEVENTEEN‘s DK (also known as Dokyeom) is famous for his gorgeous vocals and sweet personality, and he never fails to brighten up our lives. With a natural gift for making people laugh, DK proved that he’s truly a ray of sunshine as he shared with fans what makes him happy in an interview with Mindset by DIVE Studios.

While he was never directly asked the question, Dokyeom revealed his happiness through the questions he answered. One of the questions Dokyeom was asked was, “What’s the fastest way to make people laugh?”

Mindset by DIVE Studios/YouTube

His answer is something any CARAT could predict, but it doesn’t make it any less sweet.

I feel like if I give up or sacrifice myself, I think I can make people laugh faster.

— DK

Doykeom will gladly be the butt of a joke or dramatically react in order to hear those around him laugh, and their joy turns into his own.

It is something I like doing. If I can make others laugh by sacrificing myself, I’m happy.

— DK

Of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t tease the members, and like the goofball he is, DK has a mischievous side he can’t hide.

In one of his Mindset episodes, DK further elaborated on why he loves to make others laugh. It’s a gift of double blessing, and his own joy increases as he makes others happy.

Dokyeom’s older sister was the one who helped him realize how much he cherishes happiness, and it’s become such an important value to him that his goal as a singer is to bring a smile to his fans’ faces.

DK values happiness the most, both in his own life and in others, and while he doesn’t think it’s a big goal in life, his desire to be happy every day proves how important it is to him.

Dokyeom is beloved by CARATs and all he meets for his sunny personality, and we hope he’ll always be full of joy and laughter. Also, listening to his cover of Day6 Wonpil‘s “A Journey” will surely brighten your day, and the lyrics are a perfect fit to describe his outlook on life.




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