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SEVENTEEN’s DK, Jeonghan And S.Coups’s Reaction To Running Into A Fan After An Event Shows Their True Personalities

SEVENTEEN are currently holding their official fan meeting, “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND.” Set across three days, the group have been entertaining fans with fun during the show.

| Pledis

From girl group dance covers…

…to performing songs that haven’t been done in a while, CARATs are delighted when they leave the show.

For one lucky CARAT, the fun didn’t stop after the fan meeting ended, thanks to DK, Jeonghan, and S.Coups!

(left to right) SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, DK, and S.Coups. | @pledis_17/Twitter

Following day two of the fan meeting, a fan shared that they had been walking to the subway on their way home when they were surprised to hear a voice behind them asking if they were a CARAT.

When they turned towards the voice, they saw DK and Jeonghan yelling from their car!

| @luna___1004/Twitter

Insane, I saw Jeonghannie and Dokyeommie on their way home. I was on my way to take the subway and I was surprised by a voice beside me saying “Are you a carat? Are you a carat? You’re a carat, right?” and so I turned to look and it was Jeonghan and Dokyeom. *sobbing noises* I was too busy wailing to take a video.

— Fan

The two were excited to see the fan and waved while talking to them.

The luck didn’t stop there for the fan — in the next car, S.Coups watched the entire interaction while laughing!

| @luna___1004/Twitter

and what’s even funnier is that as I was like ‘give me a moment *sob* after greeting them, Seungcheollie (S.Coups) was right beside us laughing as he watched the entire thing.

— Fan

It’s easy to imagine how tired the group must have been after the second night in a row of their fan meeting. Regardless, they were still excited to see a fan and made sure to greet them, showcasing their true personalities!

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True Personalities



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