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SEVENTEEN’s DK Noticed Something Unusual About S.Coups’s Instagram Photos

S.Coups couldn’t even deny it.

Whether filming content or enjoying their free time, the SEVENTEEN members always share those moments with fans through their Instagram accounts.

Since the members keep up with each other’s accounts, DK noticed something hilariously unusual about S.Coups’s page.


When DK asked S.Coups to name something he’s been a fan of lately for their Allure Korea interview, he ended up answering for him. Catching him off guard, DK offered, “Isn’t it alcohol?

Breaking into a smile, DK pointed out S.Coups’s habit of posting a specific type of photo. He said, “You’re always holding a glass of alcohol on Instagram.

DK was spot-on. If you look at S.Coups’s Instagram page, it won’t take long to find a post of the leader drinking alcohol.

Whether he’s drinking alone or with the members, S.Coups has many photos across his page of himself holding a glass or bottle. There was a reason why he has so many pictures with alcohol, though.

S.Coups explained that the taste of alcohol often complimented the flavors of his meals. He said, “That’s just for the pairing. I’d rather have a glass of alcohol than soda.

See DK playfully call out S.Coups’s habit for his Instagram photos.




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