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SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Gains Attention For His Refreshingly Savage Yet Cute Response To Sasaeng Calls

He’s so savage but cute!

Sasaengs refers to fans who cross personal boundaries with their idol, often engaging in acts such as stalking and more. One of the most common acts that sasaengs do, is calling the idol on their personal number. They make sure to call when the idol is on live stream, so that they can not only verify the number but also gain some sort of perverse satisfaction.

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi fell victim to such acts during his recent live stream on September 25, 2022. Hoshi had been having a warm talk with CARATs when his phone began ringing incessantly. He quickly warned the sasaengs in his usual savage but humorous way, reminding them that he wouldn’t pick up anyway.

When it didn’t stop, he playfully whined that they should try calling the other members instead.

He ended off with a sad pout to express his feelings of frustation.

While he expressed his annoyance to the best he could, he also tried to keep his tone light.

I’m not going to pick up! I’m not going to pick up anyway. And why are you only calling me? Call the other members too… Don’t call me.

— Hoshi

His honest yet playful way of warning the sasaengs off drew praise from fans. Fans loved how he managed to make light of the serious situation, but also expressed concern for how much sasaengs were bothering him. The clip soon went viral with over 4000 likes and 44,000 views on Twitter. Fans couldn’t help but think that he was cute, despite the serious situation. That being said, the sort of behavior sasaengs engage in should never be condoned.

This isn’t the first time that idols have been refreshingly savage with sasaengs. Here are 5 times where NCT have struck back against them.

5 Times NCT Have Struck Back Against Sasaengs




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