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SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Proves He’s A Real-Life Disney Princess With His Friendship With A Sparrow

The tiger and the sparrow 🥺❤

Seeing K-Pop idols interact with animals is always precious to see, whether it’s with their own pets or someone else’s.

Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) and his dog Bookkeu

On rarer occasions, they sometimes make friends with “wild” animals, and in a recent instance with SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi, the interaction was beyond adorable!

Hoshi (SEVENTEEN) | Pledis Entertainment

While in Thailand for their ongoing Be The Sun concert, Hoshi ended up making friends with a young sparrow.

The bird was fluttering its wings at Hoshi, and even ended up hopping onto his arm and his shoulder where it looked perfectly content to hang out.

It even ended up hanging out with Hoshi both before and after he got his styling done for that evening’s concert!

Sadly during the concert, Hoshi said he’d already had to say goodbye to his new friend, but we’re sure that neither of them will forget each other anytime soon.

Fans can’t get over just how adorable and precious the interactions between the K-Pop idol and his feathered friend are.

It even ended up inspiring a bunch of adorable fanart!

He may be a fierce performance king, but Hoshi is really such a sweetheart and this just proves it!




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