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SEVENTEEN’s Jun Wants To Find One Stranger Who Helped Him Overcome His Pre-Debut Fears

“I’m sure that person is still watching you from somewhere…”

SEVENTEEN‘s Jun was the most recent guest on soloist Lee Mujin‘s popular musical variety program, Leemujin Service, and as with fellow guests, he prepared four songs to sing live.

For his second song, he picked Lee Juck‘s “Lie Lie Lie” and revealed afterward that the song had a special meaning to him.

SEVENTEEN’s Jun | @mujin_plz/Twitter

Lee Mujin asked Jun about the song selection, and the reason he chose it went back to his days as a trainee.

Jun revealed that while nerves were expected when singing in front of strangers, he became so nervous he would lose his voice.

Because he was training to be a K-Pop idol, Pledis Entertainment sent Jun on a mission to overcome his fear and tasked him with performing to random passersby in public.

The company clarified that he only had to sing until the first chorus, but he found that the biggest obstacle was finding someone who would listen to him.

Jun shared that he walked the streets of Gangnam for almost an hour around lunchtime, but when he approached people, many said they were too busy to listen to him sing.

Finally, one older gentleman took the time to hear Jun sing, and the talented SEVENTEEN member chose Lee Juck’s “Lie Lie Lie” to perform.

The song ended up being the perfect pick, as the gentleman shared that he liked the song and praised the emotion Jun brought to the performance.

He thoughtfully left feedback for Jun to practice his pronunciation, as he was still learning Korean then, and the interaction touched Jun.

Jun revealed that he would love to thank the man again for his kind words that day, although he understands it might be difficult to locate him.

Now, SEVENTEEN is eight years into their career, and Jun and his fellow members captivate audiences around the world with their performances!

SEVENTEEN was recently reported to be preparing for an October comeback. Check out more about that in the article below:

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