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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Attempts Han So Hee’s Sexy Viral Video — With An Unexpected Final Result

He went viral for doing Han So Hee’s viral video!

Back in January, actress Han So Hee went viral for an iconic moment where she opened a marker with her teeth as she signed autographs for fans.

It seems like a K-Pop idol has seemingly attempted his own version of the sexy viral video but with very different results, and it’s SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | @min9yu_k/Instagram

On February 27, Mingyu made his Paris Fashion Week debut for DIOR.

| @DIOR/Instagram

Unsurprisingly, Mingyu caught the hearts of fans and the media while he was walking to the venue.

Of course, Mingyu made sure to interact with fans as much as he could, and this was where netizens saw the idol seemingly attempt Han So Hee’s viral challenge.

When a fan asked for a signature, the idol took the lid of the marker off with his mouth and started to write, just like Han So Hee had.

Yet, the sexiness quickly changed to adorable as a security guard put his hand out, and Mingyu dropped the lid from his mouth onto the palm.

There were even photos taken to showcase the beauty of the moment.

| @shootingthestyle/Instagram
| @shootingthestyle/Instagram

When the video was posted, it quickly went viral, and netizens couldn’t get over how Mingyu started very sexy, but eventually, he had to drop the pen lid and it was with the security guard standing next to him. Mingyu is extremely handsome but also has an adorable charisma, which is shown in the duality of the clip.

As always, Mingyu never fails to be iconic, and it’s two visuals doing something extremely sexy in very different ways.

You can read more about Mingyu at the DIOR show below.




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