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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Gets Mobbed By Fans In Paris

It could have been dangerous.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu recently made a trip overseas to Paris. He left to participate in Paris Fashion Week. His overwhelming popularity made things hard for him, as he was mobbed almost immediately at the airport.

Mingyu leaving for Paris at Incheon airport.

As he exited security, he was picked up by security detail and his manager. Mingyu moved to take the public lift, but was crowded by fans. He kindly paused to give autographs, which only made the situation worse.

The situation quickly got out of hand and people were falling over. Mingyu generously helped up a fallen fan, earning praise for staying kind even in the overwhelming situation.

According to fans who were present, Mingyu had not only helped a fan up, but he also helped to pick up items dropped by fans. He also tried to tell the fans to back up, although it did not work. Mingyu finally was able to leave the area with the help of his security team.

The situation could have been hugely dangerous for the star. CARATS are urging fans in Paris to provide Mingyu with space and privacy.




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