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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Goes Viral For His Behavior After HYBE Creates A “Misogynistic” Rule For &TEAM

SEVENTEEN’s fansign was held only days after &TEAM’s!

Fansign events are the perfect place to interact with idols, and of course, some of the highlights come when fans bring gifts for the members, including cute things to wear.

Recently, HYBE‘s newest group &TEAM had a fansign event.

The members of &TEAM | HYBE

In the tweet, a netizen who attended the event revealed the strict rules put into place for the &Team fansign. In particular, the tweet gained attention after the OP revealed that all the fansign items were reviewed by staff, and one was rejected because anything “slightly girly” was not allowed.

Guys, &Team’s fansign rules are so unique that I can’t get used to it…
They wrote down all 100 names, chose the pages to be signed in the album, put all the nine members’ indexes, and got everything ready.
They even told us to put our fansign items in a basket ahead of time…
They check our IDs strictly, too LOL.

Wait hahahaha
Because my fansign item has a ribbon on it, they rejected my headband lol
They said anything slightly girly is not okay lololol
My fansign item is under review right now…

— OP

Of course, it wasn’t surprising that the quote retweets were shocked, and Korean netizens shared videos of idols happily taking items or doing things that could be deemed “feminine.”

But what does that have to do with SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu?

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | @pledis_17/Twitter

A few days after the tweet was shared, SEVENTEEN had their own fansign event in Macau. One fan replied to the OP’s original tweet with a video of Mingyu from the event where the idol was wearing a floral wedding veil.

Even in photos posted of Mingyu wearing the prop, the idol looked like he was having so much fun.

| @BJZYY_97/Twitter
| @BJZYY_97/Twitter
| @BJZYY_97/Twitter

When the clip was posted, it had hundreds of comments from both international and Korean fans. In particular, one international fan shared that the video had gone viral because he didn’t seem to care when using what was deemed as “feminine” props.

Yet, it wasn’t just Mingyu. Throughout the event, the members of SEVENTEEN were having fun with the fans and using props regardless of any “Gender stereotypes.”

SEVENTEEN’s The8 | @Neko8allon/Twitter
SEVENTEEN’s Jun | @potato_cat_L/Twitter
SEVENTEEN’s Joshua | @Tina63779448/Twitter

Jeonghan even caused the crowds to go insane after putting on a white wedding veil.

Fansign events are all about having fun, and the fact that HYBE implemented a rule on “Girly” items for &TEAM seems very wrong, especially when many idols love wearing them and posing for fans to make them smile.




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