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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Shocks Fans With The Height Difference Next To 152 CM Japanese Actress

All of SEVENTEEN towered over the actress.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu has shocked fans with his unreal height when standing next to a Japanese actress.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | @min9yu_k/Instagram

Since debuting, Mingyu has always captured the hearts of netizens with his talent, presence on stage, personality, and visuals.


Along with being insanely talented, Mingyu is also known for his height, standing at 187cm, and unreal proportions.

| @min9yu_k/Instagram
| @min9yu_k/Instagram
| @min9yu_k/Instagram

On December 31, the SEVENTEEN members were in Japan to celebrate the new year on channel NHK. Along with a beautiful performance of “Fallin’ Flower”…


They chatted with the hosts, and one of them was Japanese actress and former idol Kanna Hashimoto.

Kanna Hashimoto | @kannahashimoto.mg/Instagram

As soon as the camera panned to the members, the height difference was unbelievable. Kanna is 152cm tall, and although she was wearing heels, all of the members towered above her.

In particular, in a zoomed-in video of Kanna next to the tallest member, Mingyu, netizens couldn’t get over the height difference.

When the videos were posted, both Japanese and international netizens couldn’t get over the height difference. Although all of SEVENTEEN are known to be tall, seeing Mingyu next to 152cm Kanna truly took netizens by surprise, along with other members Joshua and Hoshi.

As always, Mingyu’s height never fails to shock netizens, and the members of SEVENTEEN showcase talent, personality, and unreal proportions.




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