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SEVENTEEN’s S.COUPS Confirms Fans’ Suspicions About A New Tattoo

The meaning behind it is so touching.

SEVENTEEN‘s S.COUPS recently set CARATland abuzz when he posted a series of photos by the pool. In one of the photos, you can see a faint, dark patch near the nape of his neck.

| @sound_of_coups/Instagram

While some fans instantly suspected a tattoo, it was hard to make out in the darkness. A fan took the chance to ask him about it during a videocall fansign on September 28, 2022. S.COUPS coolly confirmed that it was true.

  • CARAT: “There’s something I became curious about during your N.A tour. Can I ask you?”
  • S.COUPS: “Sure.”
  • CARAT: “But if you don’t want to answer it, you don’t have to. Really. As I was taking a (fancam) video, I saw the tattoo and was wondering if it was.”
  • S.COUPS: “You’re right!”
  • CARAT: “What did you tattoo?”
  • S.COUPS: “The name of our album, an olive tree, and CARAT.”

As the olive tree is his birth flower, he romantically got that tattooed along with the fandom name. Fans got a glimpse of the tattoo from a fantaken video.

| via @min9yu_tttop/Twitter

S.COUPS later personally answered fans on Weverse about which album it was.

Journey of Youth 2015.05.26~ I thought you guys would be curious so I’m uploading it. My back. I did it in hopes that the last blank space would never be filled.


He had tattooed their album name, along with the group’s debut date with an open end, in hopes that the group will never disband. What a great meaning for his first tattoo! Hopefully fans will get a clearer glimpse of the tattoo later.




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