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SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Unexpectedly Leaves Concert In The Philippines Due To Health Issues

Get well soon, Seungkwan!

Fans are sending well-wishes to SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan after he suffered health issues during the group’s recent concert.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan | Pledis Entertainment

On January 13, the first of SEVENTEEN’s two Follow concerts in Bulacan occurred. Fans were very excited for the group to return to the Philippines and hopefully redeem how their last concerts went due to promoter issues.

Unfortunately, many issues were reported throughout the day, including many safety concerns for all those attending.

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Despite the issues, the group put on amazing performances, pleasing the sold-out audience.

However, throughout the show, fans couldn’t help but notice Seungkwan seemed a little bit off, as though he was not feeling 100%.

Beginning with soundcheck, Seungkwan looked tired but still showed concern for fans in the hot venue. Because soundcheck is a less formal event, this initially did not raise much concern.

This changed once fans took more notice after the concert began. In some performances, the idol seemed to get more winded than usual but showed off his professionalism, powering through the first portion of the show.

| @zellyBOObear/X 
| @zellyBOObear/X
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After the unit songs, the group returned to the stage sans Seungkwan. According to fans, Hoshi shared that Seungkwan had been feeling unwell since the morning and would be sitting out the rest of the concert.

The rest of the group and fans tried to make up for his absence, though he was sorely missed.

The group left room for Seungkwan in the photo. | @pledis_17/X
Hoshi held a photo of Seungkwan up on his phone. | @pledis_17/X

Fans shared their get well wishes for the idol, as there has been no official update yet.




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