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SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Writes An Emotional And Heartfelt Message To ASTRO’s Moonbin On His Instagram

Seungkwan’s heartfelt message was accompanied by

On April 19, ASTRO‘s Moonbin sadly passed away. The tragic news shocked the K-Pop industry; many of its biggest stars and netizens mourned the idol.

ASTRO’s Moonbin | @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

One of those idols who is closest to Moonbin and has always showcased a strong bond with the ASTRO member is SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan | @pledis_boos/Instagram

Throughout the years, Seungkwan has never failed to showcase his friendship with Moonbin as part of the ’98 liners, including other idols like members of VIVIZ and iKON’s Chan.

On April 28 (KST), Seungkwan posted a very emotional letter on his Instagram account about Moonbin. In the post, he shared some of the closest memories with the idol, whether it was what they had done in the past or opinions of Moonbin from people around them. In the post, he also shared photos of the duo.

You were someone who made the world seem different. It’s hard for two people to get along this well.

We’ve walked hours aimlessly without a destination, captured pretty scenery with our cameras, reflected deeply while looking at the night sky, singing while being drunk, and you would always charge my phone for me when we would fall asleep drunk.

You would ask me to exercise even on rainy days, and we’ve been drenched while climbing Namsan, and on the nights we would eat late-night snacks before falling asleep, we would wake up the next day and send photos to each other too see who is more bloated. When we’d eat together in the morning you’d joke, ‘Dad you eat so well,’ and would look at me proudly.

— Seungkwan

We’ve laughed hysterically over nothing before and we’ve been red in the face while fighting before. We’ve tried cutting each other off due to our pride before, but eventually, we’d miss each other and apologize to each other and make up as if it never happened. We’d then play harder together and then work as hard as we’d play. You’d then get so good, so I’d be proud of you. You’d monitor me more carefully than anyone, and you’d respect me more than anyone. You were always so respectful to the people around me that when your name came up, everyone would compliment you. You would be happy for my success as if it was your own and you’d also be sad with me.

To Bin, with whom it wasn’t awkward to say we loved each other. To my friend, who even until the end, would hug and console me, the fool, to whom it wouldn’t do justice to say he was a good guy, you’re the person I’ll always be able to brag about. This is enough to live life being proud of the fact I was your best friend right?

I can see you if I try, I can hear you if I want to. I really do believe you are looking after me in heaven. You’ll monitor me during this upcoming promotion right? I’ll heed your advice, so please watch. I’ll somehow overcome this knowing that you’re looking after me. I was proud that I could be your friend. And I am thankful that you became my friend. And I am thankful once more for teaching me so much. Just be whoever there. Put down all of your guilt, pressures and regrets and wait for me while doing whatever you’d like to. I’m planning to live while holding on to everything. I’ll take care of your people and relive memories of you with them so your memory isn’t ever faded. For the people who have loved you, I’ll spread the memories that I’ve cherished. Whenever I do, please laugh proudly and watch over me.

If there is something you’d like to ask of me, please appear in my dreams and promise that we’ll be friends again in our next lives.

I’ll see you when I get there! I’ll give you a big hug when I see you. I love you so much, Bin. You’ve done so well.

— Seungkwan

| @pledis_boos/Instagram

In the photos, Seungkwan and Moonbin’s bond was showcased in buckets as the idol shared so many beautiful memories. In particular, because the photos seemed so personal and showcased their true friendship, it was even more emotional.

| @pledis_boos/Instagram
| @pledis_boos/Instagram

If those pictures weren’t emotional enough for fans, the idol shared photos with other people within their friendship group, including members of SEVENTEEN, and many more.

| @pledis_boos/Instagram
| @pledis_boos/Instagram
| @pledis_boos/Instagram
| @pledis_boos/Instagram

In a video shared, Seungkwan shared a precious moment of the two idols, and they sat together when ASTRO’s song “Crazy Sexy Cool” came on.

| @pledis_boos/Instagram

You can read more about Seungkwan and other idols’ messages to Moonbin below.

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