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SEVENTEEN’s The8 Almost Suffers A Serious Injury Due To A Dangerous Stage Mishap

CARATs are demanding artist protection from Pledis.

An accident involving SEVENTEEN‘s The8 and stage effects during the group’s recent show has sparked netizens’ concerns.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 | @xuminghao_o/Instagram

On March 30 and 31, SEVENTEEN performed in Incheon as part of their Follow Again shows. As expected, all the members shined on stage, and The8 was no exception as fans shared videos of the idol throughout the two shows.

Yet, during the performance team’s “Highlight” stage, netizens noticed something that had them worried. At one point during the stage, the members of the subunit moved to the center of the stage.

As The8 went for one of the jumps in “Highlight,” the pyrotechnics went off. As the flame died down, The8 was seen wiping his eye as if he had been hit by a spark or something from the stage.

The fan who shared the video expressed their shock at what they had seen.

At this time, my heart was pounding..
When they were dancing in front of the fireworks, the (fireworks) exploded.
I think it splashed around his eyes. I was so surprised

When the clips and photos were posted, netizens shared their own concerns, calling for Pledis Entertainment to protect their artists when they’re on stage. The company would’ve seen the rehearsals, so many wondered how they weren’t aware that The8 would be near the pyrotechnics and that they had it so intense.

While pyrotechnics and stage effects can look good, they can often be dangerous. Although The8 didn’t seem to be seriously injured, it could have been a lot worse.




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