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SEVENTEEN’s The8 Goes Viral For His Hilarious Advice When It Comes To Collecting Photocards

There are many things that make K-Pop unique compared to the rest of the music industry. One of those big differences is photocards that come in albums, as fans spend a lot of money to collect small pieces of cards with their favorite idols.

As one of the biggest groups, SEVENTEEN has a huge number of photocards | Pledis

Well, one idol has recently gone viral for singlehandedly trying to dismantle the photocard industry, and it’s none other than SEVENTEEN‘s The8.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 | @xuminghao_o/Instagram

On November 7, The8 went live on a broadcast to celebrate his birthday and chat with fans. As expected, it was full of some truly iconic moments that made CARATs extremely happy.

| Weverse

Yet, one moment particularly gained the attention of netizens and has gone viral, with over 340,000 views in just under 24 hours, and it’s all about K-Pop’s obsession with photocards.

One fan commented on the broadcast, “What if I can’t get your PC?” and it’s a common problem for fans trying to find their bias. Yet, The8 made netizens worldwide have a reality check when he responded maturely to the question.

First, you must ask yourself, why do you want this PC? Have you asked yourself?

— The8

| @8rchivemedia/Twitter

After reading more of the comments, The8 got very passionate as he asked, “Why do you guys want to get PCs?”

Of course, for netizens, the answer is easy, but it must seem odd to idols that people pay so much money for pictures of them. Netizens replied as much as they could, sharing the reasons why PCs are so important to them.

| @8rchivemedia/Twitter

The8 then hit netizens with a harsh reality, asking, “If you guys can’t get it, what will happen to you? If you can’t get it, then what?”

| @8rchivemedia/Twitter

If that wasn’t funny enough, The8 suddenly became serious as he started lecturing netizens on the fact that PCs shouldn’t be that important.

My goodness, just because you can’t get something you like, you think looks handsome. You couldn’t get something you wanted, you experience so much negative energy? Just because of one PC, you are going to be stuck in this moment of your life?

— The8

| @8rchivemedia/Twitter

Rather than just saying these words, The8 obviously came with some practical advice he had told fans before, as he explained, “Just print it yourself.”

| @8rchivemedia/Twitter

After explaining it wasn’t worth it, The8 even had a promise for fans that would help them with the problem.

I’ll take more selfies for you guys, you guys print it yourself, alright? Even if you can’t get it, I’ll let you guys have it.

— The8

| @8rchivemedia/Twitter

The8 did issue a warning after his advice, explaining that they couldn’t publicize what he was doing, adding that it could get him into trouble with the company.

If this gets back to the company’s ears, the company will surely say, ‘How can you say this?’ So, don’t publicize it, you guys just discuss it amongst yourselves and share it with your good friends, or friends who like other groups.

— The8

| @8rchivemedia/Twitter

He isn’t the only idol to share this view, and it seems as if, although companies love to make money, artists always put fans first. Many know the lengths fans will go to for photocards and how much they will pay for them, so the advice from The8 is refreshing.




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