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SEVENTEEN’s THE8 Hilariously Makes A Fan Do Aegyo In Exchange For Never-Before-Seen Selfies

She took one for the team.

SEVENTEEN‘s THE8 is known for his playful personality and honest interactions with fans. Although he’s not one to carry out parasocial relationship fanservice, he’s always up for turning the tables on CARATs. When a lucky CARAT asked him for some never-before-seen selfies during a fansign, he had demands of his own.

The fan wanted to see more of him with pink hair. She asked him to upload a few selfies of himself with the short-lived pink hair. He immediately asked her to ask for the pictures with aegyo.

The fan complied and went with a cute “post them~

It wasn’t cute enough for THE8 though! He demanded her to make it even cuter. The fan denied him as she didn’t know how to act cute.

THE8 would only post them if she injected a little more aegyo into her voice.

He leaned back and waited.

It seems like the CARAT finally satisfied his standards, for he let out a giggle.

Catch the cute interaction in its full glory.

In Mandarin, the term for “beg” also generally means to ask someone, or to make a request of them. It does not have negative connotations or demeaning connotations in this case.

  • Fan: “Post them~ I really like them.”
  • THE8: “Beg me.”
  • Fan: “I beg of you! Post them~”
  • THE8: “Beg one more time. Be cuter.”
  • Fan: “I can’t. I really can’t do aegyo.”
  • THE8: “I’m telling you, I think I really will post those photos if you beg me.”
  • Fan: “I can’t.”
  • THE8: “Then you won’t see the pics.”
  • Fan: “No!”
  • THE8: “Hurry, beg me, beg me!”
  • Fan: “Noooo, come on!”

We haven’t gotten any new pink-haired photos from the star yet, but in the meantime, here’s an oldie but goldie!




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